Secondary Glazing

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Our first priority is Secondary Glazing

In the many situations where replacement windows are not an option; listed buildings, older character properties and areas of extreme noise, such as busy roads or air traffic being prime examples, 1st Double Glazing can give a boost to the property with our 1st class secondary gazing services.

Not only is Secondary Glazing highly effective thermal and acoustic insulation, secondary glazing offers the characteristic of impeding flame spread in the unfortunate event of a building fire. This is especially relevant in listed buildings and character properties where the existing windows are valued for their authenticity and style, but can sometimes be draughty.

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Soffits & Gutters

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Roof Repair

Your roof is a vital part of your home. The fascia boards and soffits on your home are vital and their job extends beyond providing a base for the gutters. They protect the rafter ends and edge of the roof structure from weathering and insect/bird intrusion.

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Do you have a door that is getting tired? Not looking its best? Rather than a replacement, why not get in touch and one of our expert repair staff can assess just how good an inexpensive repair could make your door look!

Condensation in your double glazing?

We can economically undertake all the following fixes and repairs:

  • Misty/Foggy windows or double glazing
  • Condensation in double glazed units
  • Cracked/Broken windows
  • Draughty windows & doors
  • Broken window & door locks
  • Broken hinges
  • Bent window hinges
  • Cracked door panels